Saturday, June 28, 2008

Thomas HDX Pusher Radiator Modification

In 2 of our new Thomas HDX Pushers we had rocks go through the radiator core. This was caused by an opening at the side facing the right rear dual wheels. Here the repair has been made by the rad repair shop using epoxy. The radiator has an aluminum core with plastic tanks.
[click picture to enlarge]

All that has to be done is to bend a piece of sheet metal to ninety degrees and use a 2 foot square mudflap strategically placed in front of the radiator.

Mount the sheet metal to the bus body with sheet metal screws and position the mudflap as low as possible for better protection.

So far we've had no more incidents and hopefully this modification will fix the problem. It's a good days work to re and re the radiator so anything to improve the situation and avoid another core failure is well worth a try.

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