Friday, July 11, 2008

Replacing Kingpins International Thomas School Bus

I recently had to replace the Kingpins and Bushings on a 2000 International Thomas School Bus. The bushings were showing movement on the Drivers side. During disassembly I had seized taper lock pins in the axle bore. These taper pins secure the kingpin itself to the axle bore.

The trick is to drill out each pin with a 3/16 drill bit [cobalt if you have one] and heat up the hole with a torch. Once the pin is good and hot [orange range] hit it with water and cool it down. This shrinks the pin and out it comes with a good rap with hammer and punch. You'll find this works 99% of the time.

The lower pin has a threaded end. This is an option since the new kingpin kit comes with extra taper pins without the threads. The pins go in the opposite direction. The upper pin seen here points towards the rear of the bus, the lower pin faces the front.

A cobalt drill bit goes through the pin material like butter. I'm not sure what kind of material the pins are made of but they're solid!

Once the cool down contraction has taken place the pins will knock out of the axle very nicely! I wouldn't recommend using this method on something like an engine block[removing a seized plug etc.], very sensitive to dry heat and there's no telling what could happen.

Removing the ABS wheel sensor is easy, The sensor slides out of the steel sleeve in the spindle. Make sure to seat it completely before reassembly[you'll get an ABS code]

This is a tidbit of Mechanic Information that I hope will help you out someday!

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Anonymous said...

what kind of mileage can be expected from a 1994 thomas international school bus, with a jasper diesel, it already has about 250,000 do you think it could make it from NJ to south florida. It was previosly maintained by the NJ school system