Friday, July 18, 2008

Animated 4 Stroke Internal Combustion Engine Video

The power of animation never ceases to amaze me. This animated clip of an internal combustion 4 stroke engine is very detailed showing the 4 strokes of a gas engine. Diesel engines use the same principle but the only difference is the method of fuel delivery. One important aspect of any 4 stroke engine is timing. If the fuel delivery is off time then pinging or knocking will occur for obvious reasons.

Poor fuel economy and sluggish power will happen if the wrong amount of fuel is injected at the improper time. Check out this video, it will explain the process of how crankshaft and pistons work together with valves and injectors to deliver power from an internal combustion engine. Another point is valve timing which seen here is controlled by the timing chain for the double overhead cams. The cam gear and crank gear have timing marks so both gears can be timed during assembly.


JAVIER said...

Excelent !

steveO said...

very cool traning tool