Saturday, December 20, 2008

Searching For Diesel Mechanic Information

Diesel Mechanic Information is by far the biggest roadblock with anyone involved with repairing and troubleshooting a diesel engine or operating system. The Internet is a great resource and I for one spend a lot of time searching diesel mechanic info using keywords.

Keyword Research

Keywords can be put inside a double colon i.e. "cummins diesel engine". If you do a Google search with this phrase you will only get results for "cummins diesel engine", otherwise you would end up with websites on "cummins" "diesel" or "engines".

Google searches the exact phrase for you and will lead you to the best information available. Google considers you and I as a valued customer and wants our experience to be a positive one. They promote unique and informative (in our case) diesel mechanic information and shutdown sites that provide poor content.

Different Information Formats

If you work for a dealership you know that there are many resources available like training & repair manual CDs, Internet sites with all the service bulletins and resources possible for each & every vehicle serial number running on the road.

Consulting with the dealer is a bonus as well. They know the inside information on their brand and can save you hours of frustration. Everything tends to happen more than once with the same model and once you explain the problem the Service Manager or Mechanic will remember the same incident that occurred in the past.


Forums are a great resource as well with experienced techs that hang around and offer there experiences and advice. This is a great place that welcomes questions and answers to that helps everybody out. To find a forum enter: diesel engines+forums into the Google search box. There are thousands of forums available to join and contribute to.

Case In Point:

Recently I worked on a DT466E International and it started out on it's run OK and half way through it started to cough and sputter. I got in later, took it for a road test and it ran like a dream!

So when I phoned the dealer who we have a good relationship with suggested right away to replace the Cam Sensor. The winding inside the sensor changes intermittently and causes a performance problem.

Here's a previous post on Cam Sensor Replacement:

In Conclusion:

*Use the double colon around your specific " keyword phrase" to zero in on your query.

*Establish a relationship with your equipment dealer (start an account, purchase parts etc.)

*Find out about training & repair CDs from your dealer.

*Do a search for diesel engines + forums on Google.

There's a lot of information out there in print and on the Internet. The next time you're looking for Diesel Mechanic Information or any information for that matter give the "keyword phrase" search a try.


mark said...

we have a 1992 bluebird all american 8.3 pusher,the 3 way inversion valve started leaking air we replaced it with a new one from bluebird it is leaking to. the dealer said it was bad also,could the air throttle be going bad to cause this.thanks mark.

John Whelan said...

I'm not sure which valve you're refering to relating to the air throttle.
I see you signed up to my newsletter, send me an email with more details.