Thursday, May 21, 2009

School Bus Power Steering Pump Front Seal

This is a Haldex 2 stage Power Steering Pump removed from one of our 1998 Pusher School Buses. The problem found was the power steering level was rising on it's own. No, it's not magic but a front seal allowing engine oil to enter the pump suction side.

The power steering pump is bolted in tandem to the rear of the air compressor which has an open crankcase with lots of engine oil being splashed about. Since the suction side of the pump is facing in this direction, if the seal is faulty engine oil will enter the pump and end up in the power steering reservoir.

One quick check to confirm this is the engine oil is black as usual from hydrocarbons while P.S. oil is standard 10w30 engine oil so there is a noticeable difference from the normal appearance.
To change the seal the pump must be removed and the front housing taken off. Always mark the pump stages before dis-assembly for easy reassembly.

With the end housing taken off the seal snap ring can be removed then the front seal can be easily replaced. This pump operates not only the power steering but the hydraulic fan motor as well. There are 2 output ports on the pump which supply pressure oil to run the 2 systems. This pump is mainly found on the 3116 cat Engines in our fleet & work very well in normal day to day operations.


Anonymous said...

We have these on our fleet of ISC Cummins. They are a good pump and pretty trouble free.

Anonymous said...

hey john, good info.I have a bus that's having this same problem its blowing oil all over the engine compartment would you happen to know the seal number or kit # i need to fix this problem.pump #61280129 haldex i have a 8.3 Cummins thank you