Wednesday, July 15, 2009

California Cleaning Up School Bus Emissions on Diesel Engines

California school districts in the southcoast area are doing a major clean up on diesel engine buses in 13 school districts at the cost of 43 million dollars. They are going to start runniing them on compressed natural gas and propane.

This measure was implemented by the Air Quality Management District. Approxamately 176 newer buses will get particulate trapping devices as well at a cost of 3 million dollars. I'm impressed with the seriousness of the California Gov't to clean up the air but the expense is unbelievable.

Read the full article HERE

Our fleet of 75 school buses come with diesel emission controlled engines that the factories have spent millions of dollars on already. The buses are equipped with particulate filters from factory and they do an excellent job. It will take a long time to change over to Propane and natural gas due to the expense.

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