Sunday, July 12, 2009

New Study Heavy Duty Diesel Emissions Reduced Drastically-New York Times

I'm Guessing The Next Study Will Be Lowering Emissions On Super Duty Diesels like the one ABOVE!

Here's an interesting article on a 5 year study by several Environmental Groups including the Health Effects Institute, Coordinating Research Council, Energy Dept., EPA, Engine Manufacturers Association and the American Petroleum Institute.

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Researchers have found particulate matter called soot has been reduced by 99% from levels allowed in 2004. Emissions are also 90% lower than 2007 standard requirements. Good news for us and the air that keeps us alive!

Right now the new DPF (diesel particulate filter) mufflers are collecting soot and burning it off into the atmosphere automatically by way of computer technology. The DPF has sensors that tell the computer the temperature is getting excessive on one end and needs to start a regeneration.

Regeneration is computer activated which injects atomized diesel into the exhaust system burning off accumulated soot. If the soot buildup gets too much to handle, a manual regeneration is required using laptop software.

This manual regeneration takes about 45 minutes and the temperatures get at high as 1200 degrees. This is a very efficient way to burn off particulates/soot. Every Mechanic involved with today's diesel engines will be repairing and maintaining these emission controlled systems for many years to come.

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i smell it in the bus is this bad for me and the students