Saturday, July 18, 2009

New Technology - Laser Beams Replacing Spark Plugs.

Laser Beam Ignition is Coming!

Here's some interesting news for Mechanics and Car Owners / Enthusiasts.

It's amazing what the future is going to bring us in the form of more efficient engines. It tells me that totally functional electric cars are coming but not right away since this laser research is costing a lot of money to develop.

Researchers in Liverpool are collaborating with Ford on developing this laser ignition system. The laser can be distributed strategically in a gas engine combustion chamber in key areas to achieve better combustion and fuel economy.

Cold weather starting will be much easier and efficient with this system. The laser will be hot enough to produce ignition with the air / fuel gas mixture. The laser can even send information back to the vehicle reporting on type of fuel, level of ignition and adjusts itself for more effective combustion.

The laser will have to fire 50 times per second to get 3000 rpm and will use much less power compared to a spark plug. I like this technology even though it still deals with fossil fuels, but emissions will be reduced drastically.

This laser system is working right now in the lab and will be implemented into higher end Ford vehicles.

Click HERE If you would like to read the entire article.

Does this technology sound familiar? Diesel engines use heat of compression to ignite the fuel. This laser beam system is using the same principle, although it would take much less heat to ignite a gas mixture compared to diesel fuel. This is another learning curve for dealership Mechanics at Ford more so than the rest of the world.


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