Sunday, July 19, 2009

Yamaha Bikes Going TurboDiesel!

Source: hellforleathermagazine

I guess nothing is impossible and Yamaha has filed for a patent for a turbodiesel motorcycle engine. It will be an inline 4 with an intercooler and turbocharger added on which will place the fuel tank under the seat.

I would love to see the prototype once it comes out of the factory. Listening to a diesel engine in a street bike would tempt me to buy one. I love the knock of a diesel, coming from a much smaller vehicle would be surreal. The power and torque would be unbelievable with possibly a slow take off?

Who knows, with the much lighter chassis with a bike it might take off like a rocket. Check out the link above where you can view the patent information and some interesting ideas and concepts. This is very interesting providing mechanics information that you can bite your teeth into!


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hi john, wow "Yamaha bikes going turbodiesel" is amazing. i love the diesel engine sound, is very cool. how the cat 3126, or the Detroit Series 71 and 53...