Sunday, August 09, 2009

Making Biofuel From Trees In Costa Rica

A Reusable Method For Producing BioFuel From Trees?

BioFuel trees produce seeds that are rich in oil. Crushing these seeds in a simple mechanical press releases the oil, which can be filtered to a tight specification and stored. This oil is referred to as Pure Plant Oil (PPO) or Straight Vegetable Oil (SVO) and is the base material for Diesel substitution.

As a BioFuel, tree-based Pure Plant Oil has significant advantages over crop-based Pure Plant Oil like Soya or Rapeseed: BioFuel trees grow on land that is unfit for food production or where Rain Forests can not and should not be removed. The oil from BioFuel trees is inedible. This means that the use of tree-based Pure Plant Oil for BioFuel does not compete with food production or edible oil supply.

Pure Plant Oils tend to be more viscous than Diesel, but can be used directly in modern Diesel engines with technology like that supplied by UK-based Regenatec, which designs and sells some of the world’s most advanced Diesel engine conversion technology.

The other option is to chemically process PPO in a refinery into what is commonly called “BioDiesel” and blend it with Diesel for regular use in vehicles.

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