Monday, September 21, 2009

Air Brake Theory Revealed

Here is an excellent video on air brakes. This is the best presentation I've ever seen that will give you a detailed overview on exactly how air brakes work. The air brake mechanical and air systems work together. This video is referring to a school bus but is the same brake system found on most transport vehicles.

If The Video Doesn't Show Up in Internet Explorer Get To It HERE

The cutaways and detailed views of the air brake system explained here will help you understand the principles and terminology that you need to know. There are many things that happen in air brake systems like moisture that builds up from the heat that is generated from the compressor.

This is why draining air tanks daily is very important especially in cold weather conditions. This is a lot of information to absorb but the power of video allows you to watch it more than one time.


s said...

Very good video, Thank you, very informative. It help me have a better understanding of how air brakes work.

John Whelan said...

Thanks for your positive comment. Video is a great medium for explaining how things work.