Saturday, December 26, 2009

DT466 When To Adjust Valves

DT466 When To Adjust Valves is up to the shop or owner/operator. If you're putting a lot of miles and heavy loads on the engine a regular check should be planned ahead of time to keep the valves in tune. With our fleet every year or 50,000 kilometers is the average set point.

In most cases I have never found a valve way out on the adjustment but they still require a bit of attention if you want to keep on top of your maintenance plan. Engine valves take a lot of abuse and wear & tear so they must not be ignored if you plan on keeping your engine for a long period of time.

A loose valve will cause an engine miss or burned valves while a loose valve will upset the valve timing and severely effect the engine performance.

How To Adjust DT466 Engine Valves

Here is an earlier post I did on the valve adjustment for a DT466 diesel engine. This engine is the electronic version but the adjustment remains the same.
I hope this information on the DT466 when to adjust valves has helped you...

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