Monday, January 11, 2010

DT466 Diesel Engine Is The Best Performer In Cold Weather

The DT466 Diesel Engine is by far the most reliable mid range engine going. I'm sticking to this statement because of years of working around them and the dependability of these workhorses is excellent.

Not only can you rebuild them in frame for a fraction of the cost of a new diesel engine but the life expectancy of a well maintained DT466 is in the range of 300 to 400 thousand kilometers. This is mainly in school buses since the maintenance program is very strict in most districts.

That's not to go without saying that any highway or off road DT466 diesel engine can reach these numbers as well. It was a sad day when International stopped making these engines.

With the electronic age came the DT466E and I'm impressed with them as well but you have to treat them with a little more sensitivity when firing them up in cold weather.

You could have a can of diesel engine starting fluid commonly known as ether and give the intake a quick shot and before you can say "thank you lord Jesus" that puppy would be smoking away and ready to go to work like a loyal bird dog!

OK here is my last plug of the day.

If you're looking for a used school bus for sale then I highly recommend going for a bus that is equipped with a DT466 diesel engine.

Check out this video: A 1989 International S1800 with a DT466 diesel engine doing a cold start up in 10 to 15 degree (Fahrenheit) weather

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