Saturday, February 06, 2010

DT 466 Diesel Engine - engine oil pressure problem

We had a DT 466 Diesel Engine that could not build up engine oil pressure, especially in the cold weather. It is a 1998 International Thomas School Bus.

The electronic model requires high pressure engine oil supplied by a separate oil pump that feeds the electric over hydraulic operated injectors.

The engine ECU controls injection by sending an electrical signal to each injector solenoid at the specific time required.

This happens VERY QUICKLY. The problem we were having? no oil pressure was being supplied by the engine oil pump that in turn supplied the high pressure hydraulic unit injector oil pump.

So we stripped down the front end and replaced the oil pump and the pressure regulator (some scoring evident). We knew that since it came on the hook without any oil pressure if the engine fired up after the fix we obviously solved the problem.


Oil Pump Pressure Regulator fits into the block oil gallery behind the front cover.
Pressure Regulator Disassembled (the body had some obvious scoring) If it was stuck open this would cause a no oil pressure problem. The nice thing about the electronic DT466 is the engine will not start without oil pressure...
Front cover disassembled. Oil pump is driven off the crankshaft, a very reliable drive system!

Ta Da! Once reassembled the DT466 Diesel Engine we know and love came back to life!I hope this post on diesel engine repairing and troubleshooting the DT466 has helped you....


trucking said...

Great pictures and info. I have no oil pressure pulled it apart the plunger is not stuck oil pump looks good pickup tube ok. Any idea?

John Whelan said...

We replaced the oil pump regulator and seals and got our oil pressure back. The pump looked OK as well so we were sort of mystified on what the exact solution was?

Shayne said...

I have a 2006 DT 466. It came in with low oil pressure.Found the front cover was broken.Replaced the front cover and now have no oil pressure at all. Changed the regulator and oil pump also. We have twice looking for the problem and found nothing. The dealer is also scratching his head.