Sunday, May 16, 2010

Mechanic Education Includes On The Job Training

For the last month we had a student from Thompson Rivers University (just across the street from our location) complete a one month Practicum in our shop. His name was Dustin & he came in personally to ask if we would give him the chance to hang out with us to complete his course.

I immediately agreed to accept him into our workplace since it's nice to have the chance to mentor someone just starting out in this trade.

I have a personal connection to TRU since I started in the pre-app course there when it was called Cariboo College.

Dustin's course was called "Heavy Duty Mechanic & Commercial Transport Vehicle Mechanic Foundation Program" a 36 week course.

He emphasized his desire to get into Commercial Transport so I got him into the mix fast giving him hands-on experience with fabricating, brake jobs, electrical, automotive, servicing, vehicle inspections, trailers, hooking up / finding engine codes and he even experienced a service call.

I added up the experience in years of all the Mechanics working in our garage and it was approximately 135 years. This was a huge advantage for Dustin to learn and ask questions. The practicum is a great idea for anyone wanting to get into a trade and see what it's like to perform real work on equipment that operates on our streets and highways.

It was a pleasure to share experience and knowledge with someone like Dustin who was clearly interested in the Commercial Transport Mechanic trade.


Anonymous said...

It's nice to see young apprentices still being accepted into the trade. If we don't start training the young there will be a panic finding qualified tradesman. I love your blog! Very informative.

John Whelan said...

You're so right! The average age in our shop is 46 so you know where that's heading. That's why we won't hesitate to take on a new mechanic and get them interested in the trade. This practicum program is going to be a yearly occurrence.