Wednesday, September 01, 2010

MaxxForce Advanced EGR Has Arrived

International Corporation took a different approach to 2010 emissions. They went away from the UREA liquid process that other engine manufacturers are using. The video will give you an overview on how their new EGR technology works.

MaxxForce Advanced EGR has no equipment to add allowing extra payload capacity (and no body mounting issues). It does not require any liquid urea which cuts costs and extra stops to fill-up.

For 2010 the EPA requires diesel exhaust emissions to be reduced by 98%. The environment is on a lot of people's minds right now and the clean air movement is not going to slow down. It caught other engine manufacturers off guard so they fell back on liquid urea SCR, a technology that requires you to add after-treatment equipment and regularly fill up with liquid urea. International® took a simpler approach, perfecting its proprietary Advanced EGR system.

MaxxForce Advanced EGR reduces emissions internally with their diesel engines. It simply recirculates part of an engine's exhaust back to the cylinders, slowing and cooling the combustion process and burning off pollutants. MaxxForce Advanced EGR achieves greatly reduced emissions through a combination of increased injection pressure, improved exhaust flow and refined calibrations–and absolutely zero extra effort from the truck and fleet owner.

As a fleet Mechanic it's refreshing to know all we have to do is get in and drive. The add on equipment with SCR system sounds like an afterthought, like there was no time to change the engine design so UREA was the logical solution. This technology treats the exhaust after the engine 4 cycle process so there is a notable difference in the 2 systems.

Only time will tell which design will gain more popularity. I have to commend the engine manufacturers who bit the bullet and are still striving to meet the extremely strict emission standards put forth by the environmental watchdogs.

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