Monday, November 08, 2010

Chevy 350 CID Engine - Tool For Priming Lubrication System

Below is our current job of the week, a Chevy 350 CID Gasoline Engine that needed new head gaskets. The heads had to be surface machined and valves reground. After reassembling the heads it's always a good idea to prelube the engine since it may take a little longer for the oil to reach the top end (valve train). You could prelube with grease like Lubriplate engine assembly grease but for the time it takes to prelube with engine oil it seems logical to do it the natural way to get the oil galleries full of clean oil.

The drive tool fits on top of the distributor drive (distributor removed). With a cordless drill it takes 10 to 20 seconds to charge up the lube system and the engine is ready to be fired up. You'll be amazed how fast the oil pressure climbs.

The tool below was fabricated by one of our shop mechanics who knows the importance of fast engine oil pressure build up after a major repair. once the engine cranks over the hydraulic theory kicks in. The pump being a positive flow gear pump will push the oil though the system in no time.

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