Friday, December 10, 2010

DT466 Engines Die Hard

The DT466 Engine has come a long way from the Mechanical injection systems to today's electronic versions. They started like clockwork in cold weather and reminded me of the Duracell Bunny you see in commercials. The video below is a typical cold start scenario and these engines don't take long to get going even in 20 degree weather.

A good set of 800 CCA batteries will get you going in any kind of weather. The DT466 electronic engines are much harder to start in the cold because of the high pressure oil required to run the injectors which are hydraulically actuated. So thick oil has enough resistance to hold back one of these models from firing up.

Plugging them in is essential (as with any diesel engine) and even throwing in an oil pan heater is a great help. I found a magnetic oil pan heater that gets up to 200 degrees and makes quite a difference with cold starts.

I found from experience that when the engine starts to fire but still struggles to give it a short rest before cranking it over again. The Delco starter (most likely a 37 MT Model)is earning it's keep in this type of weather, you can only imagine the amount of load it's going through. What a machine!

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