Thursday, December 02, 2010

Mercedes MBE 900 Diesel Engine - Changing Thermostats

MBE 900 Diesel Engine Specs:

Configuration: inline 6

Displacement: 7.2 Liters
(439 cu in)

Bore: 4.17 in (106 mm)

Stroke: 5.35 in (136 mm)

Weight: 1,362 lbs (618 kg)

Electronics: DDEC® VI

Compression Ratio: 18:1

The local Mercedes dealer recommended to replace thermostats and coolant every two years on the MBE 900. Coolant breaks down over time and becomes acidic chowing down on gaskets and engine parts. On a conventional and pusher bus this is an easy operation. Three bolts and upper rad hose is all it takes to get to the thermostats.

The two thermostats come with a split o-ring that fits around the edge of the stat and nestles nicely into the bore of the thermostat housing. Below is a short video of a Mercedes MBE 900 diesel engine idling in a pusher bus. These engines come with  EGR and DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) systems to control emissions. Check out how the emissions are controlled using these components Right Here.

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