Friday, December 31, 2010

Valve Adjustment On A DT466E International Diesel Engine

DIESEL MECHANIC - How To Adjust Valves On An International DT 466E Diesel Engine

The DT 466E diesel engine is the electronic version of the former DT 466. This an engine we diesel mechanics all know and love since they are virtually almost bulletproof with a fantastic performance record. With emissions standards here to stay International has followed the other engine manufacturers and engineered electronic injection into their design.

The hardest part about working on these diesel engines is getting to the components, especially the valves if it's time for adjustment. The air to air piping has to be removed as well as the doghouse cover from inside the cab followed by the electronic control unit. These steps are required just to be able to reach the valve cover bolts.

Remove the multi-pin connectors at the ECU [electronic control unit] with a 1/4 inch drive ratchet. Remove the round connector going into the valve cover housing.

Remove the 4 bolts holding ECU to the support bracket using a 10 mm socket. Remove ECU and take care it's an expensive component!

Remove ECU support bracket, there is a larger fastener below bolted to the block and 4 valve cover studs at the top side where you have to remove four retaining nuts.

Push the ECU harness connector into the valve cover housing as it will stay with the injector wiring when removing cover.

Remove valve cover, the weight has increased drastically compared to the original non-electronic engines because of the integrated intake manifold that is now part of the valve cover.

Rotate engine until TDC [top dead center] is achieved. There is a notch on the serpentine belt pulley behind the vibration dampner. An arrow and the letters TDC has been cast right into the front cover. Once lined up, the engine valves will be on #1 TDC compression or exhaust stroke.

An easy way to tell is if #1 cylinder valves are both loose and #6 cylinder valves have no clearance, then you know you are on #1 compression stroke. Note: There are 12 valves in total #1 valve being at the front while #12 valve is the last valve at the rear of of the cylinder head.

So if I say adjust #4 valve you just count from the front of the head, the first valve being #1. This makes it easier to explain which valves to adjust.

On #1 TDC compression stroke adjust adjust valves #1 #2 #3 #6 #7 #10 . The valve clearance for both intake and exhaust is .025 in. preferably with the engine cold but that's not overly crucial.

Rotate engine 360 degrees the engine is now on #6 TDC compression stroke. Adjust #4 #5 #8 #9 #11 #12 valves.

Once you have all the valves adjusted you reverse the disassembly procedure and torque the valve cover bolts to 13 ft. lbs. and the 1/4 drive wiring harness connectors at the ECU to 35 in. lbs. The valve cover gasket is reusable but still inspect it for damage or indications of wear.

I hope this helps you out when it's time to adjust valves on your DT 466E Diesel Engine.

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Anonymous said...

I am contemplating working on a international dt466 what is the average labor cost/rate that you woiuld do this job for...Complete overhaul with added radiator replacement work?

Thanks for your help

Richard. said...

Hey, nice to read so much about diesel engines. i have also worked as a diesel mechanic, for five years but fortunately i have a good job now.

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