Monday, May 16, 2011

DT 466 Diesel Engine In Frame Rebuild.

One of our International DT466 diesel engines had an incident a few days ago. It over heated and shut down, after discovering coolant in the crankcase the only conclusion was to remove the oil pan and inspect it further. This is an electronic 2001 model but the mechanical principles still remain the same. They have wet liners which are sealed by o-rings keeping the coolant seperated from the crankcase.

After removing the oil pan and pressurizing the cooling system the problem was obvious. One liner had failed o-rings which caused the coolant leakage problem from the beginning. This will require an in-frame rebuild. I am going to document this procedure step by step so you can see the inner workings of the DT 466 Diesel Engine.

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Matt in Tampa said...


I recently bought a '91 Carpenter with a International 7.3L A170 Diesel in it.

I'm fairly new to Diesel engines, but I noticed that something was unattached to the engine itself. Is this related to determining Oil pressure in the engine? You can see examples in the following pictures:

When I bought the bus there was something that looked like a brass ingot in that hole, but apparently it managed to get lost by the time I got the bus home. Are these pieces related? Can you tell me what they're specifically called? If possible I would like to replace them.

Thank you for your time,
Matt Michael