Monday, May 23, 2011

DT 466 International Diesel Engine In-Frame - Removing Radiator Assembly.

The International DT 466E  Diesel Engine that's running in a school bus is more accessible by first removing the hood as in the previous post. The Mechanic does not need to be standing on his head to dis-assemble everything.

The radiator assembly comes out as a unit. You can see from the photo these models have a split radiator and charge air cooler. You might think half of a normal radiator might cause a problem but we have not experienced anything major besides deterioration over time of the radiator core. Usually they cannot be repaired and a complete unit needs to be installed in case of any failure. This radiator had been replaced not too long ago so all a Mechanic has to do is remove the radiator and send it out to be flushed and checked at a radiator shop.

Thinking ahead is a good practice for any Mechanic performing a major overhaul like this one. The radiator, turbo, oil cooler, water pump, charge air cooler and cylinder head all needs to be inspected carefully right away and either sent out or repaired which ever is the most practical. Stand by for more Mechanic Information on our in-house DT 466 International Diesel Engine Rebuild. 


Phil said...

Good morning John,
I am at my wits end with this problem. I have been to 2 different international dealerships more than once with the same problem and they insist there is no problem. I purchased a 2001 4900 with 17,000 documented miles. the truck was sitting for 8years in a heated garage. there are no codes showing, so dealership will not investigate any further. When I first start truck the in morning, it runs and shifts fine, as soon as the truck heats up (about 2 mins) it starts vibrating, knocking and no power. It also does not shift properly because I can not get the correct rpms. It will run like that all day, UNLESS I shut the truck off for 5 mins, then when I take off it runs and shifts like new, only lasting about 2 mins, then back to vibrating and no power. It is starting fine everyday, but progressively getting worse. I have changed crank sensor, high pressure pump, transfer pump, fuel pressure is fine. My question... is it possible that I could have bad injectors, regardless that I have no codes showing. The thing that puzzles me is why does it run fine when i first start it and so quickly changes. turbo kicks in fine when cold tooi have been dealing with this for months and can not get a straight answer from anyone... they charge me 600.00 every time i bring it in i have spent thousands trying to find out what the problem is what can you suggest?the truck now has 30,000 on it now it has gotten to the point that i cant realy drive it anymore because it won,t go fast enough to make it shift

J. E. Whelan said...

It's possible you may have injectors failing. It's strange why the dealer could not diagnose with software while the problem is happening (bad injectors would show up since they are electronic). The knocking and rough running is usually cavitation (air in fuel). Does your engine oil pressure stay up? That runs the HEUI high pressure system.