Saturday, June 25, 2011

International DT466 Diesel Engine Rebuild Cylinder Liner Seals

International DT466 Diesel Engine Rebuild Update
The next step after removing the head is pulling out the pistons. Once the rod caps are removed they can be pushed up through the cylinder liner and out. Light tapping with a wood drift works as well. The cylinder numbers will be stamped on the connecting rod caps. If there was a thick build up of carbon at the top of the liner, that needs to be removed for the piston rings to pass by easily.

The liners are going to be replaced anyways so you don't need to be gentle removing them. You need a liner puller for this job because of the o-ring seals that have been press fit against the engine block for many years, they require a good pull to jar them loose. (for those of you who have never used a liner puller) The 2 short feet rest on top of the block while the long arms hook onto the bottom edge of the liner. A socket and wrench is used on the top nut and the liner is easily wound out of the block.
Having removable liners for the DT 466 E Diesel Engines makes the in-frame a very cost effective process. We paid around 1500.00 for the "Works Kit" from the International dealer. That's a cheap rebuild! There is no engine removal and that saves a ton of  labor.

Once the liners are removed it's time to do the cleanup on the block deck and engine liner bores. While you're doing this keep an eye out for anything unusual like wear on the block surface or cracks in the casting etc. DT 466 Diesel Engines are bullet proof so the chances are slim to none there will be a problem.
Here's the bad liner or should I say the bad o-ring. We had a full crankcase of sludge, with a gravity feed from the block coolant supply. So the first thing to check if you are losing a lot of coolant is pull the dipstick and check for a sludge build up in the oil.

The new liners have been upgraded with only one o-ring compared to the original 2 seen here. This is the only disadvantage of  running wet liners but this type of failure is not overly common, especially with this engine having under 100,000 miles.

If you are a Mechanic you want to make sure to check on recent Technical Service Bulletins on these DT Diesel Engines . We found one that brought our attention to the new style liner seal and to use a vegetable oil to lubricate the seals. They also need to have retention hold downs after installation to keep them seated in the block.


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Anonymous said...

thank's for your info it's been very helpful keep up the good job.i need to know from you which books do you recommend studing for ase exames for the diesel engine

J. E. Whelan said...

You would have to contact the nearest technical college for that information. They would be up to date with required text books.

diesel mechanic said...

Well, This is really helpful for me. I was looking for the diesel mechanic and I got the required knowledge here. Thanks for this amazing share.

Anonymous said...

This was a really helpful blog post. Thanks for the tips! Another great place to get a high quality "works kit" is to go with the guys at They have kits ranging from $950 - $1100 for these international DT466 / DT466E engines. They also ship for free nationwide! You can find the kits they have for sale here:

The kits are not Original/ Genuine Navistar parts but they are OEM quality parts that carry a two year unlimited mile warranty. You can also reach them at 888-901-4795 if you have any questions.

John Whelan said...

Thanks for the information. There are a lot of these models around the globe. By far the cheapest medium duty diesel engine to rebuild in frame.