Thursday, August 04, 2011

International Diesel Engine Rebuild Installing Liners

In the past International DT466 Diesel Engines used 2 orings to seal the liner in the block. Here is the upgrade with the one seal. You notice we're using Lubriplate grease to pre-lube the seal. You can also use cooking oil which International recommends, all the Mechanics (myself included) in our shop swear by Lubriplate and it has never failed us.

Installing the liner is the next step.It's recommended to keep the liner seated firmly after installation as pictured here with metric fasteners and washers. The liner protrusion has to be checked as well to maintain a good seal surface for the head gasket. I hope this quick Mechanic information tidbit helped you out.


The Diabetic Camper said...

I have a school bus we use as a scout bus. We take this bus on the highway and the top speed is 60 going downhill with the wind at our back. How can we get more speed out of the bus? Is this a rearend issue or transmission gearing issue? We have to add 2 to 3 hours to our trips because of the time that driving 45 to 55 on the highway takes us.

bushmechanic said...

I like your liner installer,never thought of that I used a piece of 3/8 plate and drilled four holes in it.I used DL hand cleaner on my liner seals,going to have to look for that lubriplate grease.