Sunday, September 11, 2011

International DT 466E In-Frame Repair

The International diesel engine project is at the head installation stage. We had the head sent to a machine shop and inspected. The valves were touched up and the head was checked for cracks since the failure was an overheating condition. If you're going through all this work it makes sense to take every step necessary to prevent a come-back.

With the head installed the injectors come next. They are hydraulic electronic unit injectors that run on high pressure oil controlled by the electrical signals from the engine ECU. The valve rocker arms are then torqued down and the valves are set at .025 inches.One thing to note with DT 466E engines is the diesel mechanic needs to make sure the engine oil pressure is up to specs because it is responsible for engine starting. If you have low oil pressure for whatever reason you will experience a hard starting or no start condition. We have since returned this bus into service and it's running nicely. The total cost of the in-frame was much less a complete rebuild on a non wet cylinder diesel engine. The fact that everything can be performed in-frame saves a LOT of time and money. One of the disadvantages of running an engine with removable cylinders is they are not part of the block and can move against the sealing o-rings around the liners. If a Mechanic has to rebuild a DT 466 diesel engine once in it's lifetime after hundreds of thousands of miles, I would say that engine definitely paid for itself.


Anonymous said...

dont know where to ask this but i have a 01 thomas transit with 3126 in it. im getting codes for very low coolant and coolant below operational range. we have replace the coolant level module and it fixed it for about a week. we have also replaced the coolant level sender. still not fixed any help will be appreciated.


J. E. Whelan said...

since all the parts have been rreplaced I would check out the wiring to the surge tank. You may have a bad ground.

Ben said...

Thanks for all the information. We are also working on a 01 model 466, and I was just wondering what you did about main bearings. Did you take the radiator out and take the front cover off?