Saturday, October 08, 2011

School Bus Heaters Article

I recently wrote an article for School Transportation News Magazine on Bus Heaters. The nice thing about researching for this subject is I learned a lot of new Mechanic information on the subject. Since our fleet has over 2 dozen bus heaters it was a topic of interest. Here is the link that will take you to the online digital version.
The pre-heating capabilities from these little heaters are phenomenal. There was a lot of positive feedback from fleet operators who saved fuel reduced engine wear and harmful emissions from cold diesel engine start ups. They don't cost a lot to run and can be adapted to bio-fuel and gasoline. The heat ratings go as high as 45,000 BTUs. One thing to point out especially with school buses is the safety and comfort of the kids these heaters provide. Imagine a bus breaking down on the highway during frigid temperatures. These heaters would be a huge asset to have around for that purpose along with defrosting the windows much quicker solving another common safety issue.

Here's a great video on an Espar coolant heater installed on a boat. The install here is the same for any kind of application.

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