Friday, January 20, 2012

International Diesel Engine DT466 Fuel Rate Adjustment

International Diesel Engine  DT 466

The International Diesel Engine DT466 fuel rate adjustment is easier on this model because it has a mechanical injection pump.

How to adjust fuel rate (turn up the pump)on the popular Med Duty diesels. Roughly covers 84-92s.  

You use a 3/8 socket and 10 mm allen head socket down the top plug hole. The jam nut once loosened allows you to back off the allen head screw. It has to be adjusted counterclockwise without causing too much smoke. Go back and readjust as required to reduce exhaust smoke or adjust the starwheel as explained in this video one way or the other to control smoke from the pipe.

This International Diesel Engine is all mechanical suited for the handy mechanic who likes to work on his own equipment. There is nothing fancy about these engines which suits a lot of people in the industry. That is why this international diesel engine is so popular.

Find a new or used international diesel engine

Find a new or used international diesel engine


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