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Diesel Mechanic Jobs Advice

Diesel Mechanic Jobs - Is This Career Right For You? 
Diesel Mechanic Jobs

Diesel Mechanic Jobs - Choosing Your Career Path.

Looking back 35 years if I had not gone to the local apprenticeship counselor for advice my career path might have been different. Looking at Diesel Mechanic jobs was the furthest thing from my mind at that time. In high school I enjoyed metalwork class and working with my hands. The tricks I learned on the metal lathe amazed me. Making a bench vise from nothing was a huge task, cutting threads on the lathe and using a foundry to cast the vise from aluminum was addictive and rewarding.

So after high school it was off to the apprenticeship board office to inquire about becoming a Machinist. The counselor advised me that quote: "you don't want to become a machinist, you'll be standing at a drill press 8 hours a day"..."Heavy Duty Mechanics is the trade of the future". I remember those words well and took them to heart. Diesel Mechanic jobs were plentiful back in the seventies and they still are today!

I am not disrespecting the Machinist trade in any way. Working in the mine industry they were the backbone of the shop with a smelter and mill to maintain. It amazes me what they can make out of a cold roll piece of metal. Our present shop has a metal lathe so I can still get that machinist feeling once in a while :) 

Diesel Mechanic Jobs - Assessing Your Desire and Abilities

If you're seriously looking for a career as a Diesel Mechanic 

I would ask yourself these 10 Questions....

1. Do I like to work with my hands?
2. Can I handle working around grease and oil?
3. Can I handle making mistakes and be OK with that while turning it into a learning experience?
4. Is a lower wage to start with tolerable with my present lifestyle?
5. Can I work with other Mechanics & compromise when deciding on the best way to fix a problem?
6. Am I willing to re-locate to get started in this trade?
7. Will I project a positive attitude every day and not be defeated by frustration?
8. Am I willing to take on diesel mechanic jobs that challenge me?
9. Will I be respectful of my workspace and fellow work mates?
10. Will I continue to improve myself, learn more about new technology and share everything I know with new Mechanics starting out in the trade? 

If you can nod your head to most of these points I can tell you it's time to get motivated and sign up at your local technical training institute. You don't have to be a crackerjack Mechanic to make it in this profession. I look for positive attitude first, along with desire before even considering someone for a job. The technical stuff can be taught but a positive mindset is something you either acquire or have already inside you.

If you are not sure about looking into diesel mechanic jobs as a career then I would recommend clicking the link below to do an assessment on what would be the best for you. You need to be passionate about what you want, once you find your place getting out of bed every morning will always be easy :)

For Career Test and Career Counseling  > Click Here.

I have no regrets about the career choice I made. Eventually becoming a supervisor and directing a crew of mechanics in a fleet shop is challenging and rewarding at the same time. Everyday is different with new challenges around every corner always learning something new which is never boring.  If you choose to look at diesel mechanic jobs as a career I wish you the best and great success!!

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