Friday, January 27, 2012

Online Mechanic Review

Are Online Mechanic Sites Worth The Money?
Online Mechanic services are all over the internet and you want to find a reputable site that has qualified ASE technicians to answer your questions. When you take your vehicle to a repair shop and they can't figure out your problem you still get charged. There may be a discount but at today's shop rates that won't add up to much.

Find an Online Mechanic with Experience

Can You Trust an Online Mechanic To Answer Your Question Correctly?

The first thing to find out about any online mechanic is what their credentials are. They must possess an ASE Certification. (National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence). ASE was created in 1972 to help consumers to find out if a mechanic was qualified and competent.

With thorough testing and certification, ASE wanted to set a standard to improve and elevate the service level offered by mechanics in all areas of  industry to all consumers throughout the country. Right now there are approximately four hundred thousand mechanics ASE certified.

Online Mechanic Experience Matters 

ASE certification requires 2 years of related experience but that in reality isn't enough when it comes to answering a wide range of technical questions. Some online mechanics may specialize in Audi cars or Ford Trucks. Most sites have hundreds of techs to choose from with a wide range of experience on all models including hybrids and even motorbikes.

NOTE: always check for the BBB (Better Business Bureau) or Verisign logo on the site you're using, this will indicate your dealing with a reputable business.

Online Mechanics are not always right so a reputable site will not charge if you're not satisfied with your answer. Some have a deposit system in place to show your intentions on paying for services rendered. This avoids anyone from asking a questions and quickly logging out without paying. Your answers can be sent to you via email or through a text message.

Personally if I was looking for answers I would pick an ASE certified online mechanic with at least 10 years experience who knows your vehicle model well. There are also several Master Mechanics online who have extra training and knowledge to help you out.

If you add up the hours you would pay to a Shop Mechanic who makes an incorrect diagnosis.... compared to paying a fraction of the cost to an Online Mechanic who answers your question correctly (saving you hundreds of dollars)....then the choice is obvious.

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