Monday, April 16, 2012

DT 466 Fuel Inlet Restriction Test

DT 466 Diesel Engine Fuel Inlet Restriction Test -  Robert Bosch MW / A injection pumps.

Another DT 466 engine diagnostic test procedure that you can carry out easily is a fuel inlet restriction test.  This will tell you if you have a restriction  between the fuel tank and the suction side of the pump.

The causes of a restriction may be a kinked or pinched fuel line or a blockage in the fuel suction line in the tank. The tools required is a tee fitting and a vacuum guage with a 0-15 In. Hg. between the outlet of the Primary fuel filter and the suction side of the injection pump transfer pump.

DT 466 Fuel Restriction Test Procedure

Run the engine at high idle no load and measure the restriction. If it exceeds 6 in. hg. there is an excessive restriction and it has to be located and repaired. most times the fuel line can be at fault or something foreign entered the fuel tank blocking fuel flow.

The mechanical DT 466 diesel engine may be long in the tooth now but for an owner / operator / Mechanic who is handy with a wrench these models are easy to work on.

If you're wondering what diesel engine I would recommend for P&D, farming, construction whatever....the International DT 466 is golden in my book.

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