Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Mechanic Careers And How You Can Succeed

Mechanic Careers - How to Succeed & Decide If It's Right For Your Future.

Yes it's true that Mechanic Careers are abundant around the world but getting started is the hard part. You may have a background in the trade which is a bonus. You need to be good with tools and have a certain level of aptitude that gives you the upper hand when assessing each job you receive. Taking a pre-apprenticeship course is a wise investment.

There are thousands of colleges and technical institutes that offer 6 to 10 month courses. The main focus is to learn the basics, why? If you are interviewing with a prospective employer they will smell a rookie from a mile away. Not knowing basic terms and technological lingo will prevent you from selling yourself.

A Mechanic pre-apprenticeship course instructs you on everything from nuts and bolts to tools and the all important theory you need to become confident when you apply for a job.

Successful Mechanics Possess A Great Attitude Attitude Attitude

I've worked with fellow Mechanics (not many) that had bad attitudes. The terms "good enough" or "let's just patch it up and kick it out the door". Your signature needs to be on every job you do. Working in retail will subject you to different personalities.

If you show that you care even the nastiest customer will bow to your compassion and understanding. Think about it...would you rather spend money on a kick butt vacation or pay  $400.00 on a fuel pump on your 10 year old car that's ready for a trade-in?

Most people aren't in the best of moods when they have to open up their wallet. That's why I say attitude is a huge factor when an employer is ready to hire. I believe it's much easier to train someone with a positive attitude compared to the opposite mindset.

Mechanic Careers - My Big Break!

To Succeed with a Mechanic Career all you need is knowledge and the right mindset to catch an employer's eye. The more you apply the odds get better, don't limit yourself to your hometown. I went north as a young man (sounds familiar?) as a total greenhorn.

With a 6 month pre-app and maybe a year of experience in mining I pulled up anchor and worked up North, a 12 hour drive and if I had not taken the challenge to work in a customer truck shop my Mechanic Career would have been extremely limited.

So go for it! get schooled, get out of your comfort zone.... be ready to uproot yourself and start your career with a passion!!

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