Sunday, July 22, 2012

Setting Diesel Engine Valves Using The Rocker Method

Setting Diesel Engine Valves Using The Rocker Method is possible on any Inline diesel engine which are built the same in many ways. The pistons are matched in pairs to the crankshaft two pistons reach Top Dead Center together. 

Since one will be on the exhaust stroke the other cylinder will be on the compression stroke and the valves can be adjusted accordingly. 

I was having some fun with article to video software today explaining how to adjust valves using the rocker method..... the video is done in text format only. There's some funky music to go along with it so I hope you get a kick out of it :)

This type of procedure is handy if you're in a pinch. Just recently I had to adjust the valves on an Inline-4 Isuzu Diesel Engine and used the rocker method once I had the valve lash specs.   


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The area of the valve opening must be large enough to provide for an efficient gas exchange process.

Linda Ronstadt said...

Was looking for exact this information from here to there & finally its in your site. thanks for your valuable post.

Anonymous said...

Realllllly realy helpful to an "OLD" tow truck company owner. I sure wish I lived next door to you Joh, I would be picking your brain day & night... lol Rick