Thursday, September 20, 2012

The School Transportation News Vlog

Editor's Note: The STN Vlog covers recent news concerning the school bus industry. The topics discussed are interesting and informative. I've placed the home page link below for STN. The mechanic information I get off their site is priceless with new technology on green energy and the latest mechanical engineering plus research and development. Below are more details on what will be covered in the Vlog below.

*School Transportation News Editor Ryan Gray goes into detail on NTSB's recent release of its investigation report on the March 12 crash of a motor coach in New York City.

*GK Design's fresh concept for a next-generation school bus.

*He also discusses the showing of the documentary La Camioneta at the Central American Resource Center where STN spoke with Arturo Zepeda, Community Organizer, and Juan Carlos Lopez, Immigrant Day Laborer.

*Lastly he talks about the viral video of New York school bus monitor Karen Klein, who was verbally assaulted by a group of students on the bus.

If you want to know more about school transportation news go to and check out their site. You will find a lot of extremely useful info on the latest technology and innovations along with special reports on what's going on in the school bus transportation industry.

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