Friday, December 07, 2012

Cummins ISC Diesel Engine Repair

Our latest Cummins ISC diesel engine repair involves a broken valve spring that caused the push tube to bend and the valve lifter to break apart. It damaged the camshaft lobe so everything from the head down to the camshaft has to be removed for replacement and repair.

The head and camshaft have been removed. The head requires repair so we sent it out to the local machine shop. We are replacing all the valve springs and valves to play it safe.

Here is the damaged valve lifter beside it's mate. The sharp edges scored the camshaft beyond repair. Surprisingly the cam was under $300.00 which is cheap when you price out other various diesel engine parts.

This is the bad camshaft lobe caused by the failed valve lifter. The only way to replace the lifters is to remove the camshaft. The lifters are installed into the bottom side of the engine block so they have to be held in place with doweling from above. If you have any experience with the Cummins ISC diesel engine please feel free to contribute.

I'll post more on this job in a future post. Please comment if you have something to add.


Anonymous said...

Hi John. 1st of all... I love your blog. Lots of interesting stuff. I do have a question for you though. It is a bit out of left field but you seem to be into cummins engines and I thought you may know. I'm very interested in getting repair/rebuild manuals for the cummins ISBe 170. It's (more or less) the 4bt with computer control and common rail. But I don't seem to be able to find any of this stuff. Any suggestions? I'm in the states. Why does cummins act like this thing doesn't exist?

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