Friday, December 05, 2014

Cummins Diesel Engine Training

Training is everything especially if you own the newest diesel engines in the market. I recently went down to Vancouver (BC) to get some training at the Cummins training centre and it was well worth it. The ISB 6.7 liter diesel engine is by far (in my opinion) the best medium duty engine available.

They have designed their own emission system including selective catalytic reduction and DPF (diesel particulate filter). Getting the emission levels down to EPA levels is a huge challenge. Cummins is reducing 90% of harmful exhaust out of the pipe. We own 9 of the ISBs and getting 10 more next year.

The support from our local dealer is very good which was one of the factors we looked at but I know even if the support wasn't there this would have been the engine of choice regardless. Having 'Insite Lite' software is a "must have" and without it you're sunk. Throwing parts at a problem and guessing what's wrong will cost you a ton of cash.

Another part of the ISB is the VGT (variable geometry turbocharger). Providing boost pressure for engine power is only one of the uses for this component. It also serves as the exhaust brake and  helps heat up the engine during a parked regeneration. The angle of the turbo changes to cause the restriction needed.

Not only did we have classroom training but also went out and did a lot of hands on training using the Insite Lite software. The tests you can run with this software is endless. Gone are the days when you had to crack an injection line to look for a miss. Now it's all on the software with the click of a button.

For technical information there is Quickserve Online where you can find parts and manuals to help out with repairs. A manual is essential and without it you are taking a chance of screwing up the job. Information is like gold to a mechanic having the proper schematics, torque specs and step by step instructions.

I recommend anyone working steady on the ISB 6.7 or any Cummins engine needs to go get a Cummins training refresher. There you can ask questions and get the right training so you can dive into any repair with confidence. These days without a laptop on your toolbox with the proper software is like living in the stone age.


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