Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Hard Start DT466E

DT 466 ENGINE OIL PUMP from John Whelan on Vimeo.
The regular engine oil pump supplies the HEUI high pressure pump so since the supply wasn't meeting the demand we had a hard start situation. The engine oil pressure regulator appeared to be scored so we attributed the lower oil pressure to that defect.

The oil pump drive and gears had looked alright but who knows what a little wear will do. It could be thousands of an inch causing problems. So after replacing the pump and regulator and using 0W40 oil for the cold start season starting improved drastically. Once we pulled the engine hood off of this bus which was a conventional international 4300 getting at the parts was a breeze.

There was no laying on our backs except for removing the oil pan. One characteristic with all of our DT466E diesel engines was they ran like crap when they were cold. It took some time for the oil pressure in the high pressure side to regulate itself and provide the oil pressure to the injectors. A lot of injector problems were with the injector o-rings that separate the oil from the fuel. They would deteriorate and create an engine miss.

The last of these buses got sold to a church group who took them down to Guatemala. They shipped them by boat the second time around because of an incident while travelling through Mexico. Those road blocks cost a lot of money and you have to watch your back at all times. I talked to a Mechanic who just left to go down there and so some repairs. I hope he has all of the tools and parts he needs. The technology down there is not up to speed so if something breaks it gets fixed in what ever way possible.

The DT466E being electronic needs diagnostic software to analyze faults so I hope the 2 engines stationed down there last for a long time and don't give them grief. I donated a few old parts sitting on the shelf for the air dryer. The mechanic said the air compressor isn't building up very fast. The air dryer most likely needs servicing since it takes out all of the \moisture and oil from the system. Leave it too long and a restriction will build up slowly but surely.


Mike W said...

Hi John

Dealing with a 2008 Bluebird Vision C7 cat. Have you ever come across a heater system booster or circulation pump sucking air on suction side and pressurizing the cooling system. E-mail is Thanks.
Mike Wainwright

John Whelan said...

Hello Mike,
Nice to see a fellow BC School bus tech on the blog. I haven't seen this before. Have you tried a new booster pump?