Sunday, April 30, 2006

Cummins Diesel Engine -B Series Installing Cylinder Head

Cummins Diesel Engine - B Series Cylinder Head Installation

The cylinder head deck and engine block should be checked for flatness, valves and guides for excessive wear as well as any visible cracks especially around the valve seat area. A machine shop experienced with diesel engine repair will check all these areas out.

  • align head gasket with coolant passages and head bolt holes in the block
  • position head gasket over the dowels
  • place cylinder head on the block and seat it onto the dowels
  • 4 cylinder head weighs 80 lbs. while the 6 cylinder head weighs 114 lbs.
  • position the push rods into the valve tappets-lubricate sockets with engine oil
  • lubricate valve stems with engine oil
  • loosen rocker lever adjusting screws
  • install the pedestals-align with dowels
  • install 8mm pedestal mounting bolts finger tight-lube threads and under bolt head shoulders with oil-these smaller capscrews will be torqued last
  • install 12mm head bolts finger tight-lube threads and underside of bolt heads
  • Torque head bolts in a circular pattern starting from the middle of the head and working your way to each end of the head
  • tighten all capscrews to 66 ft. lbs.
  • recheck to 66 ft. lbs.
  • long capscrews only to 89 ft. lbs.
  • recheck long capscrews at 89 ft. lbs.
  • Advance all capscrews 90 degrees
  • Note: the head gasket kit usually comes with a torque procedure which may vary from this one depending on the year of your diesel engine
  • finally torque smaller pedestal capscrews to 18 ft. lbs.

This procedure is the basic method for cylinder head installation on a B series Cummins Diesel Engine

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