Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Cat 3116 Engine Installation-Thomas Buses

This is a Cat 3116 Engine installation into a Thomas Pusher. This process is much easier with the transmission installed [MD 3000 series]
The transmission jack supports the trans. and the hydraulic crane hooks on nicely to the front engine lifting eye. With some assistance we rolled the whole assembly into the backend with ease. You'll notice the rear subframe and bumper have been removed. This is one great advantage of owning a Thomas pusher although we don't want to be doing this particular operation too often...


Anonymous said...

John, can you tell the thread size and pitch for the 3116 injector seating tool. I am thinking of building the tool, because I do not plan on working on another one.
Just helping a friend. I already bought the tools to do the injector sync and timing.

John Whelan said...

The thread size for the main hold down bolt is 1/2 inch fine 20 t.p.i