Saturday, December 15, 2007

Thomas Buses-HDX Electrical System Repair

The electrical system on Thomas Buses vary depending on the model, pictured is an HDX model built in 2004. We are going to change a module that controls the main power to the body and chassis electrical systems. A hoist is handy but not totally required, I had to enlist a grinder with a cut-off wheel to remove the existing bolts.

This unit is called a dual power switch that is mounted on the frame on the passenger side across from the transmission. Since it is exposed to the elements the terminals are exposed so corrosion can develop. Consequently their is a possibility of an intermittent power problem to the lights or engine/trans controls when turning on the ignition.

As you can see the middle terminal is connected directly to the main batteries. The chassis and body battery supply terminals are located on each side while the ignition feed connector is plugged in on the top left corner.
When the ignition is energized a signal is sent to this module and power is directed to both systems. The chassis is the engine, trans. and running electrical while the body electrical is the lighting system.

Here is the module installed on the frame with four fasteners and an insulator between the module and the frame surface. It depends totally on what kind of environment you drive in for a problem to occur with this component. It is very well sealed internally with a hard epoxy type substance.
I hope this article has enlightened you with what to look for when experiencing electrical problems with Thomas Buses.


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