Friday, April 11, 2008

Thomas Buses-How To Check & Replace A Fuel Guage Sending Unit

A fuel guage sending unit is a ground circuit for the fuel guage. The position of the sender float changes the resistance to ground by way of a resistance winding that is built into the sending unit. High or low resistance determines a full or empty fuel tank. The complaint I'm dealing with is an erratic fuel guage reading, the guage needle is bouncing all over the place every time the driver turns or stops suddenly. This Mechanic information is for anyone who knows how to turn a wrench and you'll see how easy it is to check out the sending unit.
Firstly, every fuel guage sending unit is very similar on older vehicles. On newer automotive applications the sender is built into the fuel tank electric fuel pump assy. This is an integral unit and quite expensive.
I'm working on a 2000 Thomas Bus Saf-T-Liner which is running a Cummins ISC Diesel Engine. In this case the sender is seperate and very easy to test.
The sender is located 3 seats back under the floor. The floor plate has to be removed to gain access.
The sender can be tested using a jumper wire. Disconnect the wire connector at the middle terminal of the sender [this comes from the fuel guage]. Connect the jumper to the loose wire and hook it to ground.
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Turn on the ignition switch and the guage should go right over to the full mark. What this does is tell us the gauge is OK since the wire to the sender has been grounded directly without any resistance. The sender has been bypassed and now we're sure it has to be replaced.
Remove the retaining screws and ground return wire and replace the sender the same way it came out. It's that easy!
So now you understand the circuit through a fuel guage sending unit and how easy it is to diagnose and repair. I hope this mechanic information has helped you.


booster said...

i have a 1995 bus 444e 180hp can ih turn it up 220hp on computer??will it drop fuel milage big time??i bought taller tires for drive axel i havent put them on because im haveing trouble pulling big long hills in MO..BUS IS GITTING CLOSE TO 10 MILES TO GALLION.RUNS FINE just does not pull hard.any i own a prolink 9000 dont have soft ware to turn up..

J. E. Whelan said...

Can't do much unless you're a dealer with the entry code.