Friday, October 29, 2010

Choosing The Right Auto Repair Shop

Are You Looking For A Reputable  Auto Repair Shop?

Depending where you live there are dozens if not hundreds of auto repair shops that claim to provide the same service to your vehicle. It often depends on the Mechanic or the business owner to determine if you are going to get a reliable service or repair. I've made a list of quick and easy checks you can make when searching for a reliable auto repair facility.

1. Talk To Private Dealerships.

If they don't have their own shop and rely on another facility, find out who they trust to do repairs and maintenance for their fleet. You will get a first hand opinion from dealers who do not want to spend a lot of money on a trade-in which would of course effect the resale price.

2. Check Around Your Neighbourhood.

Shop rates are not set in stone so you need to basically get a feel for the owner operator and their attitude towards you. Make sure they have licenced Mechanics and proper equipment to handle any model of vehicle... especially yours. A good repair shop has the current tools and information to do the job right and make it easier on the final repair bill.

3. Check Online Reviews

With the Internet at your fingertips an online review about a shop in your area is a great tool to decide which one to choose. you may read about a bad customer service experience or a brake job gone bad. A big factor to consider is how a shop reacts to a job gone wrong, do they bend over backwards to make it right?

4. Check Around & Get Some Quotes

You want to find a shop who gives you an honest quote. Get at least 3 quotes for the same job and compare them watching for extra charges on parts and labor. Sometimes paying more for quality works better for you in the long run and gives you confidence to take off without any doubts on your next road trip. Getting feedback from long time customers is another tactic to use if a shop will give you that information. It doesn't hurt to ask.

5. Ask Friends & Family

Asking friends and family is probably the best source of all. Hopefully they will recommend a shop that they have been going to for a long time. Once the shop knows you are a friend or relative I can guarantee they will give you great service. A reputable business does not want to lose a long time customer, they will treat you as good as they treat the regular customers who keep their business rolling.

Using these steps will filter out the good from the bad shops and help you save money, grief and give you peace of mind the next time the rubber hits the road. You will know using your intuition or have a gut feeling about a business the first time you visit.

Happy Motoring!


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