Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Allison 3060 Automatic Transmission Fault Codes

 Here are fault codes that a reader left on a comment wanting to know what they were. The Allison 3060 Automatic Transmission is all electronic with sensors, solenoids a wiring harness and the Transmission ECU (electronic control unit).

The codes can be retrieved by pushing the 2 arrows at the same time (key on) to retrieve the 4 digit fault codes. Another method is to use the Pro Link Hand Held Reader. To clear the codes after you've repaired the problem hold the mode button until you hear 2 beeps. This has to be done during code retrieving.

Code 2511 means the output speed sensor has a zero speed reading. Check the speed sensor and connection, the ohm reading should around 300 ohms. Also check the ECU connectors. Make sure they are tight,clean and undamaged. Check the fluid level and check wiring to the sensor has no opens, shorts between wires or shorts to ground.

Code 2522 is related to 2511.... 22 being a sub-code.

Code 2312 is the shift selector. Check ECU for connectors, shift selector connector, check selector for proper operation and check the wiring harness for opens, shorts between wires and shorts to ground.

We have had lots of wiring issues and repaired a lot of these problems by running a new coaxial wire from the sensor to the ECU. There seems to be some resistance in the wire that causes improper signals to be relayed to the ECU.

Another area there has been faults is the shift selector pad. You can get a kit for the selector which isn't hard to replace.

If it's hard to push the selector to get into gear that's the first sign of trouble and a new selector pad would fix the problem. Here are all the posts I have produced on the Allison 3060 transmission with troubleshooting and repairs included. Scroll down and you will see some more Mechanic Information on the output sensor circuit.
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Dan said...

My allison transmission (md 3060) gives me the 2312 code. I have another vehicle with
the same shift selector and I switched them but it does the same thing. Seems like the problem only occurs when the truck gets hot. Symtoms are:
(truck stalling and getting nothing on the shift selector when it doesn't want to start.)
(Cats eye shows up when it doesnt want to go in reverse or drive.)
(after it starts and I begin driving and the shift selector is sometimes jumping around
gear numbers but shifts ok.)
After the problems occur, we let the truck sit for a short time and it goes away
This has been going on for over a month. Trany light on dash comes on also.

James said...

Hi Dan, I having the same problem with one of the buses at my shop. I noticed on mine it was acting up when it got hot. I was in a test drive with it and after about 5 miles the shifter display would glitch at wide open throttle. Once it started it got worse. I lost the hole display on the way back to the shop. I pulled it into the shop shut it off and now it wont start. I swapped the ecu and shifter from another bus and that didnt work..

Esteban A said...

I have a problem with an allison md3060 transmission on a 2000 thomas bus.
The bus only moves on reverse, and the error code that the screen shows is 2511 wich is a speedometer sensor problem. We change the sensor and still with the same problem. and if we shift on "D" stills like being in neutral. What can it be??

Anonymous said...

My WTEC2 1195 Thomas rear pusher bus with an Allison MD3060 electronic shifter started blinking (Mode on service with one zero on each side of the words. After about fifteen seconds the display goes black until I switch off the battery disconnect for a little while. I attempted to get codes but there are not any. it will just display d1 for a second and then go back to the mode on service with the zero's on each side. I can't get it to go in gear and the do not shift light stays on. This is very strange and I was wandering if anyone have had this happen???