Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Choosing A Mechanic Trade School Over College

Is A Trade School A Better Choice Over College?
Here's an interesting video on people enrolling into a trade school for a 10 month diesel engine training course instead of taking 4 years of college which comes with a much higher tuition. The enrollment fee is a fraction of what college costs and finding a job is faster and easier in the diesel engine mechanic trade.

Once you get your initial training at a trade school the chances of getting a job are much higher. Employers who want to hire a Mechanic for an apprenticeship like to find someone who has the basic training. Having a new kid on the block without any training means more supervision and less production.


J. E. Whelan said...

Looks like the trade school route is the popular place to go these days for training and employment.

wayne t said...

John, I am helping a school out and painted their 1992 IHC 6cyl diesel bus and now on the lot it will not turn over cked all doors can jump at solenoid and it will start. No problems coming from school. I do hear a noice coming from another solenoid looking switch in the control panel. Any suggestions

J. E. Whelan said...

You started out right checking the doors since there are interlocks that prevents starting if a door isn't closed or latched. Recheck the rear door and make sure there isn't a dead bolt or a secondary switch that has to be closed. The solenoid inside the panel is worth checking out, it would be the ignition solenoid that allows power out to the accessories once actuated by the ignition switch. Check the firewall where there should be the main start solenoid to the starter.

Jack said...

Hi John, been a long time since I spoke las. Question, can the brake arm on a 05 Freightliner M2 be adjusted? The clearance between the contact wheels on the arm/lever and the foot valve is enough to cause a loud vibration if one hits the pedal quickly. Doesn't happen if pedal is pushed normally. I tried heavy grease and it worked for just a while. Any ideas? Thanks, Jack

J. E. Whelan said...

Hi Jack,
I'm not sure on that one. You're getting into the engineering side of things with this problem.

Seems like the valve does not have time to balance out with a quick application.

Do you have any other similar vehicles with the same system? That would help if you have that luxury of comparing 2 systems on different vehicles.

Otherwise I would consider trying another valve to play it safe.